WINE TASTING – Romanian and Moldavian wines

Tasting is of Romanian and Moldavian wines but if booked in advance we can arrange any other wine. It lasts an hour, or longer. After the tasting we can open other bottles as well. We tell stories about the building, wineries, Romania, history and legends of wine, some wine tasting information and most importantly we drink.
We start with white wines, move on to rose and end with reds. If you prefer to focus on a specific kind of wine we can arrange it.
Cost is 10 euro per person for groups of 5 or bigger. You will drink 5 glasses of 125ml (almost a bottle each).
A carafe of water and some pretzels.
Location for WINE TASTING is X Pub: Strada Balcesti, 9
Contact us for more info: or CLICK HERE


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